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SPECIAL GUEST Khensur Rinpoche Geshe Tashi Tsering joins us to celebrate Losar the Tibetan New Year, Lama Yeshe Day and the Twentieth Anniversary of the Basic Studies Program on Feb 27. Join us for a full program of events including a celebratory lunch and teachings from Geshe Tsultrim and Khensur Rinpoche.

Shamatha Practice Day with Ven. Tsondru 4 March

Introduction to Meditation with Ven Lhagsam 5 March

Bringing Back the Bush 3 and 4 March

Cultivating Emotional Balance: Anger Masterclass with Corey Jackson 11 March

Cultivating Emotional Balance: Sadness Masterclass with Corey Jackson 12 March







Turning Towards Tranquility and Fulfillment with Venerable Tsultrim 11 and 12 March

Buddha Day: Day of Miracles 12 March

Green Tara Retreat with Ven Palyon 17 to 19 March











Meditation and the Art of Sitting using the Feldenkrais Method with Jane Shamrock and Venerable Tsondru March 18

Threatened Species Walk with Marc Russel March 18

Healing our Demons with Renate Ogilvie 19 March

Motivated to Meditate: Stabalising Shamatha Retreat with Geshe Tsultrim and Ven Tsondru 24 – 26 March

Shamatha Practice Day with Peter Shepherd 1 April










Precious Practices: Water Bowl Offerings 2 April

Musical Blessings: A Concert with Tenzin Choegyal April 2

How to be Happy 16 Guidelines for Creating Contentment April 8 and 9

Lama Tsongkhapa Guru Yoga retreat April 13 to 19

How to Let Go: Finding Forgiving with Renate Ogilvie 22 and 23 April








Leaving Fear Behind: A Four Immeasurables Retreat with Venerable Tsultrim April 28 to May 1

Shamatha Practice Day with Peter Shepherd 6 May

Welcome Day at Chenrezig Institute: Explore all we have to offer! Sun 7 May














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