Caring for Country with Lyndon Davis and Jono Bateman

As part of Chenrezig Institute’s commitment to care for our common home we have invited two inspirational nature lovers who are passionate to share their understanding of our connection to the earth.

These two days kick off an appeal to our community to become involved in the landcare project in the property. Join us for time in the outdoors to restore the natural resilience of the bush and ourselves.

Bringing Back the Bush with Jono Bateman

Friday 3 Feb 8.00 am – 12 pm AND Saturday 4 Feb 8.00 am – 12 pm.
Morning tea provided

 Work with  Jono for a hands-on morning in the bush learning about the plants and wildlife that make up Chenrezig Institute’s unique ecosystem. You’ll participate in bush regeneration to increase species diversity and thereby promote a healthy habitat.

This is part of an ongoing programme of bush regeneration across our property, sponsored in part by grants from the Sunshine Coast Council. Everyone is invited to be part of this initiative! Be sure to wear sturdy shoes, a hat and bring a water bottle. Join us for one or two days.

Jono Bateman is a natural area bush regenerator who has already worked extensively across Chenrezig Institute to help restore the natural bush and reconnect vital wildlife corridors.


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Connection to Country with Lyndon Davis


Come together with Lyndon Davis to better understand the history and connection to the land of its traditional custodians, the Gubbi Gubbi people.

 Stories of The Dreaming
Join us on the Prayer Wheel lawn for intimate stories of the land and its creatures, epic narratives which are kept alive by the world’s oldest living culture.

Friday February 3, 6.30 pm-8.00 pm on the Prayer Wheel lawn
Facility Fee of $25.

 Everywhere, Everywhen, Welcome to the Dreaming
The Dreaming is an all-embracing concept that provides rules for living, a deep ethical code, and innate rules for interacting with the natural environment. The philosophy behind it is holistic – providing a total, integrated way of life. For Aboriginal people The Dreaming isn’t something that has been consigned to the past but is a lived daily reality. Join us for an afternoon to hear Lyndon explain the indigenous perspective of what it means to be well, how health is connected to the land and what we can do to cultivate it in all of us.
Saturday February 4, 1.30 pm – 3.30 pm  Wellbeing Centre.
Facility fee of $25.

Or book both events with Lyndon for $40

lyndon-davisLyndon Davis is a proud Gubbi Gubbi man committed to sharing his deep understanding of how we are all connected to country. It is recognition of this interdependence that heals and nourishes the land and ourselves.

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Everywhere, Everywhen, Welcome to the Dreaming
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Stories of the Dreaming
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Connection to Country – Both Events with Lyndon Davis

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