Weekly Dharma

Weekly Dharma

Practise everyday with Chenrezig Community

Morning Practise

Visitors and community members are welcome to join the Sangha community as they complete morning and evening Dharma practice together. Based on the advice of our Spiritual Director, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, our community is now holding daily practice sessions.These sessions are an opportunity for us to practice alongside the Sangha, recognising the combined effort of all to create a flourishing Dharma community. Our practice together also reminds us that it is in dependence upon all sentient beings, particularly those whom we come into contact with everyday, that we develop the perfections, in particular generosity and patience. We can all thank each other for these precious opportunities to continue to grow and open our hearts and minds. In the morning sessions from 7:30am we complete practices for Blessing our speech to create positive karma, Purifying negative karma (prostrations to the 35 Buddhas), Strengthening our connection to our spiritual teachers and reviewing the stages of the path (Guru Puja). These sessions include both English and chanting of mantras in Tibetan and Sanskrit and typically take one hour.

Evening Practise

In the evening sessions from 6:00pm we complete practices for Strengthening our connection to our spiritual teachers (Lama Tsongkhapa Guru Yoga, Purifying negative karma (Vajrasattva Practice), Protecting from harm and clearing obstacles to practice (Protector Prayers). These sessions include both English and chanting of mantras in Tibetan and Sanskrit and typically take one hour. Morning and evening practice usually happens everyday. Please check our calendar for conflicting events. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Teachings with Geshe Tsultrim

Geshe Tsultrim

Transforming Suffering: The Wheel of Sharp Weapons - Thursdays 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Transforming Suffering: The Wheel of Sharp Weapons with Geshe TsultrimComposed by the great Indian yogi Dharmarakshita more than a thousand years ago, this text is among the most esteemed of the so-called mind training teachings. Mind training is all about employing techniques for transforming suffering into happiness. Geshela will guide us verse by verse through Dharmarakshita's classic, explaining the workings of karma, the benefits of altruism, and the means to cut through our true enemies: self-grasping and self-cherishing. Held in the Gompa at Chenrezig.

Travelling the Yogic Path: Teachings on Aryadevas’ Four Hundred Verses - Fridays 10:30am - 12:00pm

In this well known text Aryadeva shares a series of memorable stories and anecdotes that illustrate how our own misconceptions and misunderstandings can prevent us from moving forward on the yogic path. Through studying this text practitioners can remove their misconceptions about how things really are, and gain an understanding of reality that can then lead to a direct experience of it, beyond conceptions and language.These classes are an excellent way to get to know Geshela’s warm and encouraging teaching style and make connections with your fellow students. The classes include everyday examples and discussions to make learning meaningful. Questions and debate are encouraged and students support each other with peer to peer learning. Discussions are often revisited over supper or chai and cake in the café before class. Many students find this a great way to integrate the teachings into their busy lives.These classes are offered by donation to the community. Please offer whatever you can to support the flourishing of the Dharma. Held in the Gompa at Chenrezig.

Mantra Rolling

10th Feb Mantra RollingE

Sunday's 10:00am - 3:00pm

Mantras (meaning 'mind protection') are Sanskrit syllables, usually recited in conjunction with the practise of a particular meditational deity. They embody the qualities of the deity with which the mantra is associated. Bringing benefit to all who see, touch, hear or speak them. The Art Centre offers the opportunity for the community to share in the merit of rolling mantras which will be used to fill Holy Objects. All are welcome, no registration needed. Held in the Art Centre at Chenrezig.

Thursday Dharma teachings with CI Sangha

Dharma Talk & Meditation
Thursdays 1:15pm to 2:30pm . Facility Fee $10 Book Here

Often wondered what Buddhism is about? How it helps? or ways we can use these methods practically? On these Thursday afternoon Dharma talks and meditations an experienced monk or nun from the Chenrezig Institute community will present a topic in relation to the Buddhist path. There will be descriptions and examples of how it's relevant to life and especially ways to benefit our everyday life through contemplation and meditation. These Thursday afternoon sessions provide a great chance to listen to some Buddhist Ideas and principles and then ways we can put them into practice. It's open for all and no need to have any prior experience.

Friday Guided Meditation with CI Sangha

Friday Guided Meditations Invite more peace into your life with Buddhist meditation.
Fridays 1:15pm - 1:45pm. By donation- suggested $10.

Each Friday you can slow down and join one of the Chenrezig Institute monks or nuns as they lead you through a gentle reflective meditation. If you’ve never meditated before this a great supportive environment to give it a try. Get comfortable in a chair or on the floor and allow yourself to be fully relaxed and present in this beautiful space. Suitable for everyone. Perfect for after lunch. We’d love to make you welcome. Held in the Gompa at Chenrezig.