Code of Conduct

Chenrezig Institute is a community made up on nuns, monks and lay practioners who live in accordance with the five lay Buddhist precepts.
We respectfully ask that all guests and visitors also observe these precepts when on the property:

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1. no killing – any living beings (including insects)
2. no stealing – taking what has not been freely given
3. no lying
4. no sexual misconduct (and no sexual contact on the “Hill” area)
5. no intoxicants – including alcohol and marijuana
[column size=”col-5″ last_column=”true” bottom_margin=”false”]Precepts[/column][/section][section]There are additional precepts to be observed on the “Hill” area but these can be explained to you when you check in at Reception.
There is a designated smoking area near the car park area and we respectfully ask that this be the only area you smoke in.
Guests and visitors may be asked to leave the property if the Code of Conduct is breached.

Dress Code

Because there are monks and nuns on the property, we respectfully ask you to dress modestly.
Please also wear sturdy shoes at Chenrezig Institute as we are on a steep bush property.


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