Stupa Information

Stupas are available for placement in the Garden of Enlightenment at Chenrezig Institute or for use in temples and private homes.  Stupas for outdoor use are made from a waterproof product but should ideally be protected from direct weather.  All large stupas come with a “life tree” and are filled with the appropriate mantras. All stupas are consecrated and covered in a durable, protective coating.

For additional information, or to order, please email Garrey Foulkes, the Manager of Chenrezig Arts.


Size: 50cm
Price: $800
Choice of 8 stupas depicting the great deeds in the Buddha’s life.


enlightenment_stupasSize: 20cm
Price: $200 white or gold; $400 gold-leafed (indoor use only)
Perspex dust cover & base: $110
All inclusive site at Garden of Enlightenment $750 (white or gold); $950 (gold-leafed)


stupa1Kadampa Stupa
Size 75cm
Price $1500

Enlightenment Stupa
Size 75cm
Price $1750


Additional prices:

Stupa sites in gardens $1200 – $1500. Including pedestal, plaque glass cover & roof.
Indoor sites for A, C & E $600.
Niche under stupas on roof $1200. Tiles $150-$300 including plaque.
Prayer Wheels $1200.

All stupas are consecrated and contain mantras, life tree and statue. Stupas for outdoor use are made from durable products but must always be protected from direct weather exposure. Freight & packaging at extra cost. All prices inclusive of GST.

Compiled May 2014. Prices may change slightly each year.

Additional Opportunities for Merit and Sponsorship of the Project


Most of the internal and external walls at the Garden of Enlightenment will feature special gold tiles of protective deities and stupas.

Gold-sprayed Migtrugpa tiles will be placed throughout the building with the sponsors name on the list inside the building, these are $30 per tile.

Gold-leafed Stupa Tiles have 25 images of stupas and can be sponsored for $200 including plaque.

Gold-leafed Tara Tiles have 8 Tara images, these are $200 including plaque.

Gold-leafed Medicine Buddha Tiles are good to sponsor for people with health issues, these are $300 including plaque.

$15 from every tile sponsorship goes to the Maitreya Statue.

GoE_Prayer Wheel 1

Under the veranda, surrounding the main building of the Garden will be approximately 108 prayer wheels, each containing over 6.5 million mantras. These can be sponsored for $1200 AUD each with the sponsor’s name displayed below the prayer wheel. Prayer wheels are available for private gardens for $1200 AUD.  The wheels are approximately 60cm in height and 35cm in diameter. They are finely constructed with stainless steel fittings for long life. Prayer wheels can also be dedicated to deceased persons.


Approximately 50cm high Buddha statutes on lotus throne, ideal for private gardens. $150 AUD plus Postage and Packaging.

For additional information, or to order, please email Garrey Foulkes, the Manager of Chenrezig Arts.