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Happy Day of Miracles

The Day of Miracles (Chotrul Düchen) commemorates one of the four great deeds of the Buddha. The day itself is the last of a fifteen day period when Shakyamuni Buddha performed many miraculous feats in order to inspire the faith and diligence of his students. On these fifteen days, karmic results are multiplied one hundred million times, as cited by Lama Zopa Rinpoche from the Vinaya text Treasure of Quotations and Logic. It is part of the Buddhist tradition to engage in virtuous activities and prayer on Buddha days as a way of accumulating merit. To help you do so we’ve planned these activities.

Tuesday 19th February

9:30am – 3:00pm Stupa Making (Garden of Enlightenment)

5:30pm – 6:30pm Set up light offerings (Main Gompa)

6:30pm – 8:00pm Shakyamuni Buddha Puja (Gompa)

Lama Zopa Rinpoche also offers lunch to everyone who works with holy objects on either of these days! All activities on these days are sponsored by Chenrezig Institute with the exception of lunch ($12.50pp). Please book your lunch before 10:00am on the day.

Bodhichitta and the Bodhisattva vows: meditations and explanation with Ven. Yonten

The aspiration for enlightenment. Wishing to benefit others. Universal altruism. Buddhahood.

While the bodhisattva ideal is often referred to in Buddhist classes, we don’t always have time to go into the depths of what it means for oneself as an individual practicing it in ordinary modern life.

This course will flesh out many subtle nuances of this profound topic as well as give concrete logistics of how and why to practice the bodhisattva vows – whether you have them already, are thinking about taking them or are just curious about what they are all about.

There will be a formal presentation of the topic as well as relaxed discussion and question time. Course includes guided meditation suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Sat 23rd March 9:00am – Sun 24th March 4:00pm

Facility Fee $108

Held in the Gompa at Chenrezig Institute. Meals and Accommodation are available separately.


Lama Tsongkhapa Guru Yoga Retreat with Geshe Tsultrim and Ven Chokyi

Within Tibetan Buddhism, there is an emphasis on creating a connection with a spiritual friend or teacher who will be able to support and nurture your personal development. This friend will provide inspiration, encouragement, guidance and most importantly lead a life of example. In modern terms, he is the ultimate life coach, but for far beyond this lifetime.

When choosing this teacher, students are advised by the Buddha to look carefully for specific qualities and not to make a commitment until they are completely sure. This is where Lama Tsongkharpa enters the picture. As the author of the Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path (Lam Rim Chen Mo) and Founder of the Gelug school of Buddhism, Lama Tsongkhapa is revered. Both the Dalai Lama and Lama Zopa Rinpoche teach this powerful yet accessible practice specifically because it is particularly helpful for creating the karma to meet a qualified spiritual teacher. It removes obstacles for creating this important connection and increases the blessings that come from this mentoring relationship.

This retreat is ideal for students who have taken refuge with Geshela or who are starting to attend his teachings.

Geshe Phuntsok Tsultrim will attend the retreat, assisting and inspiring us with a transmission of the recitation as well as sharing motivations, teachings, visualisations and other tips to help us understand and benefit from this practice. Retreat Leader will be experienced teacher, Ven Chokyi who is known for her warm and encouraging teaching style.

Thursday 18 April 6:30pm – Monday 22nd April 12:00pm

Facility fee $200 

Held in the Gompa at Chenrezig Institute. Meals and Accommodation are available separately.

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