Chenrezig Institute Library


Chenrezig Institute Buddhist Library collection contains thousands of must-read Buddhist books from the very latest by current Buddhist authors through to ancient Buddhist texts. Browse our wide range of inspiring titles sharing Buddhist wisdom and the practices of perfecting it. All aspects of Buddhism are covered, with an emphasis on the Tibetan tradition.

In addition to Buddhist wisdom, Chenrezig Institute Buddhist Library also includes topics such as psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and other religions. There are books for everyone, from the casual enquirer to the most advanced student.

Chat with one of our amazing library volunteers to find just what you’re looking for. We’d love to help you find a book to fall in love with. 

Guests staying onsite are welcome to borrow a book to enjoy during their stay. Please return books either to the Library, Tara Room or Reception before you check out. Happy reading.

If you’d like to borrow regularly and take books home with you we recommend joining our library. For the price of one fabulous book, you can have access to a year full of inspiring reading! Annual Library Membership is $30. Members are welcome to borrow two titles for up to a month at a time.

Library membership is also one of the considerable benefits of becoming a Chenrezig 1000 Arms Member. 

Situated opposite the Library is the Tara Room available for your personal meditation and reflection.

Recommended Reading:

‘Liberation in the Palm of your Hand’ by Pabonka Rinpoche Edited by Trijang Rinpoche

Opening Hours:

Thursday and Friday 11.00am – 2.00pm

Sat and Sun 11.00am –