Chenrezig offers a peaceful place for personal retreat, with ideal surroundings for meditation, reflection and Buddhist study. Staying in a retreat hut means you can be completely self-sufficient and undisturbed. You may wish to take silence as part of your practice. You can support your retreat by attending morning and evening Dharma practice with Sangha in the gompa, joining in with pujas, and taking part in weekly teachings.


You feel a unique sense of kinship and connected experience when you stay at the centre with others who are participating in the same teachings. Staying here on retreat for even just a weekend is an opportunity to expand your understanding of the teachings and let them settle without distraction. Deepen the benefits of the Dharma by devoting your personal time to further practice, discussion, reading or meditation.

The Discovering Buddhism program offers a retreat weekend to complement the previous month’s teaching weekend. Other Dharma courses throughout the year also integrate retreat into the schedule. Check the program for details.