Online Program

We offer most of our varied curriculum online, with live teachings and access to pre-recorded teachings. Choose whichever type of online study suits you best or combine both methods.

Live online teachings and events

Take part in our events without leaving home.

Most of our programs are now available online. Once you’ve registered for an event, you will receive a link and entry passcode for zoom sessions. You will need to download the zoom app if you haven’t already done so. During the live classes you will have the chance to ask questions either by speaking or messaging in the Zoom chat.

Go to the website calendar and choose the ‘online’ filter to see courses, dates and registration details.


All the Basic Program modules are now offered online at the time of the teaching via Zoom. After registration for teachings, students also receive links to the video, audio and all data files, making it possible for online students to study along with the students in the gompa.

General Program and Discovering Buddhism courses are offered online too and will be systematically archived and made available through the online teaching centre.

Online Learning Centre

Study any time, any place.

Catch up lessons
Study in your own time by watching or reviewing previous courses. Catch up lessons are available by donation or fixed price through the Chenrezig Institute Online Learning Centre. Catch up lessons can be accessed in any order that suits you.

Home Study Packages
There are two levels of Home Study Packages, designed for study in your own time:

  1. IN DEPTH PROGRAM (Basic Program teachings and other In-Depth teachings)
  2. GENERAL PROGRAM (Lamrim teachings)

Material is carefully prepared so that students can follow the teachings through audio files, transcripts and other teaching aids such as charts, tests and review questions. Packages are available for purchase in the Chenrezig Institute Online Learning Centre.

Home Study Packages

1. In-Depth Program

2. General Program

Each category comprises audio files of teachings, transcripts, revision, commentaries, charts, tests.

The Basic Program
The Basic Program is an integral part of Chenrezig’s diverse In-Depth Program. Designed by FPMT’s spiritual director Lama Zopa Rinpoche, it is a comprehensive, practice-oriented transmission of the Buddhadharma for committed students who wish to progress beyond an intermediate level of study and practice. There are nine main subjects and three supplementaries; additional complementary subjects are sometimes offered. The Basic Program has been taught at Chenrezig by highly qualified Geshes since 1998, with assistance from experienced tutors and senior students.

The Basic Program Home Study Package
Through the years, we have designed reliable home study packages for most of the subjects in this program. Packages contain excellent audio teachings of former resident Geshe, Khensur Rinpoche Geshe Tashi Tsering, edited transcripts of his teachings, revision questions, tests and answer sheets, as well as additional materials which include charts and other commentaries.

All teachings, tutorials and written materials are available for purchase through our online learning centre. Once a student is registered, the materials can be accessed through a cloud storage service, enabling students to download study material in their own time and study at home when convenient. View our list of Home Study Packages.

The In-Depth Program
For list of topics please visit the Online Learning Centre


It is recommended students learn from both the audio and written materials. They should listen to the teachings directly, study them through the edited transcripts, revise them using the revision questions and other materials, and test themselves regularly using the tests provided.

Students may study any of the courses offered, however, it is best to start with one of the following:

The Bodhisattva’s Way of Life
The foundation of our Mahayana motivation and the basis for all our study.

Mind and Awareness
The study of the different aspects of our minds which enable us to achieve enlightenment.

Buddhist Tenets
The views of the different schools of Buddhism, on which many of the philosophical teachings are based.

Lamrim Chenmo
An extensive study of the entire graduated path to enlightenment.

For more information and advice on how to get the most out of home study and live online teachings please contact the In-Depth Program Coordinator, Kathy Vichta [email protected]


FPMT Basic Program
FPMT also provides Basic Program home study packages, which can be accessed here.

FPMT Discovering Buddhism Home Packages
Discovering Buddhism is a 14-module course accessed directly from FPMT, offering both online and hardcopy home study options. It is an intermediate-level program in Buddhist philosophy and practice, designed to give students a solid foundation in the practice of Mahayana Buddhism.

Learn more from FPMT.

Discovering Buddhism is also offered one weekend a month in person at Chenrezig Institute. The courses are now recorded, archived and available in our Online Learning Centre as catch-up modules.