Path to Enlightenment – 27/11/21

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Transforming the study of Dharma to the practicing of Dharma as applied to the stages of Enlightenment

Join Alan Carter and participating students for this online class that explores the intermediate stages of the path (Lam Rim) through study, contemplation - using reasoning and logic and meditation as a basis to induce realisations.

The classes will apply reasoning and logic to each of the topics as a basis to try to delve into the teachings so that we can gain deeper understandings that can have greater positive impacts on our behavior in daily life.

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Alan is a registered FPMT teacher and a Buddhist in the Tibetan tradition for over 25 years and has taught in NZ, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. Alan has done many personal retreats and led two 1 month group retreats. Alan is a counsellor & mediator.

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