Discovering Buddhism: Developing Bodhicitta with Ven. Chokyi

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Loving kindness is the essence of Bodhicitta, the attitude of the Bodhisattva. It is the most comfortable path, the most comfortable meditation.
Lama Thubten Yeshe 

Bodhichitta is the heartfelt wish to attain enlightenment in order to be able to benefit all beings. Without it, enlightenment is impossible, because Bodhichitta frees us from the habitual self-concern that prevents us from experiencing true happiness and lasting peace. But most of us have trouble just developing kindness and compassion for those that we know, so how do we give rise to the vast aspiration of Bodhichitta?

In this module of our ongoing Discovering Buddhism program, we will analyse the concepts of equanimity, loving kindness, compassion and Bodhichitta. We will explore why Bodhichitta is important, and will learn step-by-step methods for developing Bodhichitta ourselves.

These instructions are a practical and effective way to develop the good heart and show us how to make our lives truly meaningful.

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Discovering Buddhism


Ven. Chokyi




Having met the Dharma in 1990, Venerable Chokyi ordained with Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche in 2006. Venerable Chokyi is a resident teacher at Chenrezig Institute where she has been leading meditation and teaching foundation Buddhist studies, such as Discovering Buddhism. She has also led retreats for many years. Venerable Chokyi has been the Director of Liberation Prison Project since 2010. Prior to ordination, she taught at university and in the community sector for over 20 years.




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