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Your donation helps liberate people from suffering

Your donation is more than a financial contribution. It helps us to share ancient wisdom under the Tibetan Buddhist tradition with joyous effort, compassion, and loving concern for all those we come into contact with.

In the Buddhist tradition, your donation is an act of ‘Dharma’ ~ a genuine act of kindness with integrity, rightness and with no need for praise (making it pure).

Ultimately what we teach and practice together has a ripple effect all over the world and your donation plays an important and essential part in our ability to continue to offer teachings in the Tibetan Mahayana Buddhist tradition to those who wish to learn.

You are contributing to the happiness and wellbeing of the many dharma students, families and community who come to Chenrezig to learn, to ease their suffering and to spiritually grow.  Thank you for your loving support and generosity.

Please join us for online study, prayer or get in touch to find out other ways you can become involved with the community.



Donate to the following areas

Donate to the Dharma Program

You can make a donation towards three areas in the Dharma Program:

Donate to the

Donate to the maintenance and daily operations of the Institute, like grounds maintenance and insurance.

Donate to a Special Project

Donate to one of the current projects run by the Institute.

Puja Donations and Prayer Requests

Make a donation to a Prayer or Puja carried out by the nuns and monks of Chenrezig.