Upcoming In Depth Modules

Sutra Grounds and Paths

note: Geshe Tsultrim is unwell and unable to teach the first week – please watch the actual event page and our facebook page for updates. 

One module of 2 weeks 2 to 11 August

The three classes of practitioners, Hearers, Solitary Realisers and Bodhisattvas each follow their own paths to enlightenment, paths on which realisations are gained which lead them to their specific goals. In this 2 week course, Geshe Tsultrim will offer a brief explanation of these paths as outlined within the perfection vehicle, the understanding of which is essential for our future study.

We will also be able to track our own direction towards full enlightenment for the benefit of all.

4th Chapter of the Ornament for clear realisation

Two parts of four weeks each – 23 August to 15 September and 4 to27 October

The Ornament for Clear Realization (Abhisamayalamkara) by Maitreya is one of the most important of the texts studied in the great monasteries, a commentary on the Perfection of Wisdom (Prajnaparamita) texts that serves as a support for understanding the profound teachings on emptiness. It includes a detailed explanation of the spiritual paths of hearers, solitary realizers, and bodhisattvas, together with their realizations and abandonments on the various paths.

It discusses the precepts and methods for obtaining meditative stabilizations, clairvoyances, signs of irreversibility, and the qualities of buddhahood, the four buddha bodies, and the final result of omniscience.

This fundamental text, composed by Lord Maitreya and brought to this world by Arya Asanga, is the source of our teachings on method, on thought transformation and the stages of the path to enlightenment.

The 4th Chapter, Complete Preparation, upon which we focus, covers the whole Mahayana path, teaching in practical terms what is practised at the various stages, all the way to enlightenment. On the advice of Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, there is special emphasis on the 37 Aspects of Enlightenment, which include the development of concentration through the practice of the Four Close Placements of Mindfulness, the Four Correct Abandoners (eliminating what has been determined as necessary to reject) and the results of concentration, the four Limbs of Miracles.

In this 8 week course we begin with a brief study of the subject called 70 Topics – an overview of the entire Ornament which is made up of 8 chapters and 70 individual topics. We then spend the rest of the eight weeks on the 4th Chapter of this profound text, The Ornament for Clear Realisation.

The Sublime Continuum of the Mahayana 

One module of 6 weeks – 8 November to 15 December

All sentient beings without exception have buddha nature—the inherent purity and perfection of the mind, untouched by changing mental states. Thus there is neither any reason for conceit holding oneself better than others nor any reason for self-contempt, thinking of oneself as inferior and unable to reach enlightenment. Realising this is obscured by veils which are removable and which never affect the inherent purity and perfection of the nature of the mind. The Mahayana Uttaratantra Shastra, one of the Five Treatises said to have been dictated to Asanga by the Bodhisattva Maitreya, presents the Buddha’s definitive teachings on how we should understand this ground of enlightenment and clarifies the nature and qualities of buddhahood.

It is complex material but poetically presented and wonderfully inspiring. Through study and meditation we gain a glimpse into the nature of enlightenment and become confident that it is possible for all beings!

Our schedule will continue as before with meditation, teachings, discussion and tutorials on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9.30am to 4.00pm.
We continue offering the teachings in person in our beautiful Gompa and online.

Payment is flexible. The recommended donation for a typical four-week course is $240, and we do set a minimum fee, but no one should miss out on these teachings because of financial considerations. 

Please offer as much as you are able to enable the centre to continue to offer these and other teachings. If you are unable to pay the minimum fee, please contact the course coordinator to request a further discount.

After you have registered to attend these modules, you will receive links to our online storage facility, our zoom sessions and the YouTube files for catch up later.