Homestudy Options Available

There are various options for home study of FPMT programs offered at Chenrezig Institute.

1. Discovering Buddhism is offered for those who have an interest in learning about the Buddhist path according to our tradition. It is an intermediate-level program in Buddhist philosophy and practice, with the aim to give you a solid foundation in the practice of Mahayana Buddhism. It consists of 14 modules covering all the major topics of Buddhism. Each module involves listening to teachings, reading related texts and doing short meditation retreats.

It is offered on site on a monthly basis at Chenrezig Institute and for those unable to attend in person FPMT offers both online and hardcopy home study options. Investigate these here:

Chenrezig Institute does not offer its own home study for Discovering Buddhism subjects.

2. The Basic Program (Advanced Program)  – Designed by FPMT’s spiritual director Lama Zopa Rinpoche, the Basic Program is a comprehensive, practice-oriented transmission of the Buddhadharma for committed students who wish to progress beyond an intermediate level study and practice. FPMT has set main subjects and Chenrezig Institute offers an additional 2 subjects to complement those.

Online study through FPMT.Full information about which of these subjects are available online from FPMT is available here:

Chenrezig Institute Basic Program Homestudy Packages

In addition, Chenrezig Institute offers home study packages (data and audio files on DVD of these subjects. These packages were prepared by senior students, from the second and third rounds of the programme (which is now in its fourth round at Chenrezig Institute) and include all materials provided for the in-house students.

Online study of current modules offered at Chenrezig Institute. Students unable to attend in person at the center may wish to study current modules being offered at Chenrezig Institute online. All teachings, tutorials and written materials, ie transcripts, review questions charts etc are made available online to these students at 50% of the in-house course fee.

For further information about any of these home study options please contact Kathy [email protected]