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Morning Practice

Chenrezig Institute Gompa and Online 33 Johnsons Rd, Eudlo

About Event: Everyone is welcome to join the morning Dharma practice in the gompa from Tuesday to Friday each week. We are also sending these practices out by zoom so you can take part at home. The current morning practice during the week days is Lama Choepa Guru Puja . On Saturday and Sunday  Lama […]

Ven Robina – Forgiveness, Compassion and Purification

About Event: We are delighted that Ven Robina will give a series of three teachings in May, June and July 2022. She is always, confronting, inspiring and totally wonderful! This day's teachings will be on the topic of Forgiveness, Compassion and Purification. Join Ven Robina either on the big screen together with other students in […]

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IMI Prayerathon


About Event: The Vajra Speech of Mahasiddha Thangtong Gyalpo: The Blessed Prayer Known as “Liberating Sakya from Disease” and reciting the Mantra OM MANI PADME HUNG have been recommended by Lama Zopa Rinpoche as practices we can do to stop epidemic disease. This amazing event is happening every week around the world 'until the pandemic […]