Chenrezig Institute Event Calendar


Morning Practice

Chenrezig Institute Gompa and Online 33 Johnsons Rd, Eudlo

About Event: Everyone is welcome to join the morning Dharma practice in the gompa from Tuesday to Friday each week. We are also sending these practices out by zoom so […]

Yoga with Erin

Wellbeing Centre 33 Johnsons Rd, Eudlo

About Event: Erin’s classes are suitable for beginners to advanced students and cater to all fitness levels and abilities, with plenty of modifications on offer. Feel nurtured and supported as you flow through gentle, well-rounded physical sequences that integrate mind, body and breath. Her classes will leave you feeling empowered and uplifted. Arrive at least […]


Geshe Tsultrim Lamrim

about event: The Friday teachings will cover many important topics such as, to name just a few, the Three Jewels: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, the Four Noble Truths, Karma, The Nature of our Mind, Conventional and Ultimate Truth, Twelve Links of Dependent Origination and Bodhichitta. Geshe Tsultrim will continue to refer to the Middling Lam […]


Guided Meditation

Chenrezig Institute Gompa 33 Johnsons Rd, Eudlo

 ABOUT EVENT: Invite more peace into your life with Buddhist meditation. Each Friday you can slow down and join one of the Chenrezig Institute monks or nuns as they lead […]


Evening Practice

Chenrezig Institute Gompa 33 Johnsons Rd, Eudlo

About Event: Chenrezig Institute sangha and students join in the gompa for evening practice from Tuesday to Sunday (except when there are other events scheduled). All are welcome to attend these sessions. In the evening we engage in the following:  purifying negative karma (Vajrasattva  Practice) protecting from harm and clearing obstacles to practice (Protector Prayers) […]