Chenrezig Institute Event Calendar


Morning Practice

About Event: Everyone is welcome to join the morning Dharma practice in the gompa from Tuesday to Friday each week. We are also sending these practices out by zoom so […]


Mahayana Mind Training: Wheel of Sharp Weapons – 26 April to 19th May

About Event: In jungles of poisonous plants strut the peacocks, though medicine gardens of beauty lie near. The masses of peacocks don’t find gardens pleasant, but thrive on the essence of poisonous plants. In similar fashion, the brave bodhisattvas remain in the jungle of worldly concern. No matter how joyful this world’s pleasure gardens, these […]


Evening Practice

About Event: Chenrezig Institute sangha and students join in the gompa for evening practice from Tuesday to Sunday (except when there are other events scheduled). All are welcome to attend these sessions. In the evening we engage in the following:  purifying negative karma (Vajrasattva  Practice) protecting from harm and clearing obstacles to practice (Protector Prayers) […]