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Kopan Down-Under Lamrim Retreat 2022

Chenrezig Institute Gompa 33 Johnsons Rd, Eudlo
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About Event: The Kopan Down-Under Retreat in 2022 will be based on Lama Tsongkhapa’s two texts Songs of Experience, and The Foundation of All Good Qualities, both widely used for […]

$50.00 – $60.00
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IMI Prayerathon


About Event: The Vajra Speech of Mahasiddha Thangtong Gyalpo: The Blessed Prayer Known as “Liberating Sakya from Disease” and reciting the Mantra OM MANI PADME HUNG have been recommended by […]

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Vajrayogini Self-Initiation

Chenrezig Institute Tara Room 33 Johnsons Rd, Eudlo

About Event: Vajrayogini is the original and prototypical female buddha of the Maha-anuttara Yoga Tantra, the fourth and supreme division of tantric practice. It consists of the generation and completion […]

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Mantra Rolling

Chenrezig Institute Art Studio 33 Johnsons Rd, Eudlo

About Event: Mantras, meaning “mind protection”, are Sanskrit syllables, usually recited in conjunction with the practice of a particular meditational deity, and embody the qualities of the deity with which […]

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Evening Practice

Chenrezig Institute Gompa 33 Johnsons Rd, Eudlo

About Event: Chenrezig Institute sangha and students join in the gompa for evening practice from Tuesday to Sunday (except when there are other events scheduled). All are welcome to attend […]