Road Project Sponsorship

$4,962 of $33,500 raised


Road A: First Road project leading from stairs at the main car park to the bend up to the cafe and hill. Total $33,500.
Road A: looking back from the bend by the start of the cafe road to the hill.
Road A: end of road looking towards bend to cafe and hill.
Road A: old drain in middle of road needing upgrade.











Road B: Second Road project leading to the garden of Enlightenment. Total: $33,431.
Bridge One on the way to Garden of Enlightenment showing issues such as flooding potential and older bridge railings.
Deteriorated road edge on Bridge Two.
Old Bridge Two pipes that don’t function correctly.
Road B looking up from Bridge Two.


Bridge One over river at first causeway to Garden of Enlightenment showing old wall fixings and loose rocks.


























We wish to transform two key roads here at Chenrezig and are to offering the means for support online. They are well travelled roads and lead us to the Gompa, Garden of Enlightenment and the Cafe areas.

Road A ($33,500): From the main stairs leading up to LamaYeshe Stupa to the bend in the road up to the cafe and hill. This road is all gravel and will need replacement of concrete pipes and more drainage.

Rejoice indeed, we have already received a preliminary round of sponsorship from our Vietnamese devotees for the first road section (Road A) to the Cafe of $15000. 

Road B ($33,431): From the bend in the road to the cafe and hill to the Garden of Enlightenment including two bridge sections. Bridge one is over a small river and Bridge two is just before the Garden of Enlightenment over a larger river. This road has some concrete sections also donated generously by our Vietnamese devotees and has poor drainage so we need to upgrade the drain pipes and bridges.

Some of the reasons that we need to concrete the road:

  • It is currently not good for car tyres and slippery.
  • We would love to make it even safer to walk and beautify the bridges at a later stage so they can be enjoyed on the walk towards the garden.
  • Both roads are prone to flooding and can be difficult to pass through.

Please follow the link through the donation amount below and on the second page you can specify which part of the Road you wish to donate toward plus the ability to make a dedication.

We have also included our bank details below for those who do not have a PayPal or Visa to use:

Bank: Bendigo Bank
BSB: 633000
Account Number: 161950811
Account Name: Chenrezig Institute
(Please specify which Road section you wish to donate to in the reference section of your bank deposit)
Rejoice in the merit!


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