Chenrezig Institute depends on committed and enthusiastic volunteers to create a culture of wisdom and compassion. Being a volunteer at Chenrezig Institute gives you the opportunity to further your own practice through serving others and working within a practicing and supportive community.

What to Expect

Dharma Materials Management is all about following the wishes of our precious teacher Lama Zopa Rinpoche when it comes to caring for, storing and disposing of Dharma Materials according to his wishes. This  role would suit a volunteer who can consistently commit to one or two days a month (preferably Monday to Wednesday) to attend to sorting, storing and burning. We are looking for volunteers who are looking to work in a Buddhist environment and explore how offering service to others is a way of expanding our hearts and minds.

As a Day Volunteer you offer up to six hours per day of service at the centre but shifts and hours will be worked out with you and the  Volunteer Co-ordinator.

What are the Benefits?

  • You’ll meet lots of new people committed to discovering and exploring Buddhism
  • You’ll have the opportunity to gain new skills
  • You’ll enjoy working and contributing to a peaceful and compassionate community
  • You’ll be helping our sangha
  • You’ll create lots of good karma!

What are the Tasks?

As part of your initial training you will be teamed with another more experienced volunteer who will show you the ropes, answer your questions and help you feel confident in your tasks. Each of the teams has a volunteer leader who will help you get to know your role and your new team-mates.

For Dharma Materials Volunteers tasks may include:

  • Sorting materials into Dharma and non Dharma
  • Dhrama Burning
  • Packing and storing dharma materials
  • Cleaning and caring for dharma materials

What skills and characteristics do I need?

  • Be able to work independently
  • Be physically fit (able to lift 10 kg) able to move around a site with lots of stairs and able to stand for long periods
  • Be able to follow directions from your team leader
  • Enjoy  working in a team environment
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Hard working and committed to Chenrezig Institute.

When can I volunteer?

A variety of shifts are available every day of the week, including shifts within school hours for parents. Our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with you about our roster and fit you in based on your ability. Ideally we are looking for a volunteer who will commit to this role  one or two days a month (preferably Monday to Wednesday).

Do I need training?

That depends on you. Our Volunteer Coordinator will chat with you about what skills and interests you already have and what you’d like to develop. We do provide training in specific areas and all our volunteers are supported with an induction to give you a clear understanding of the program and how to work safely and effectively.

What is it like to spend time with the community at Chenrezig Institute?

Chenrezig Community is made up of Sangha (Nuns and Monks) and lay people from all over the world.

The foundation for the community is Buddhist teachings and this creates a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.

As a Day Volunteer we request that, while you are here, you too work within our Code of Conduct so you can easily do this.

To dress modestly at all times  and to abstain from:

  1. Protect living beings (Do not kill – even tiny insects)
  2. Respect others belongings (Do not steal)
  3. Speak truthfully (Do not lie)
  4. Respect Chenrezig Institute as a place for spiritual reflection and personal development (refrain from sexual misconduct)
  5. Cultivate clarity of mind and body (refrain from using drugs and alcohol)

How does Chenrezig Institute thank you for your service?

Giving service is a great opportunity to work on your mind. We appreciate that you are able to give your time generously with joyous effort.

To thank you for your service Chenrezig offers our Day Volunteers free lunch in the Big Love Café (on the day where you volunteer for a period of greater than five hours).

You can apply for our volunteer program by emailing [email protected] or by filing out this application form.

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application


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