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Fun social events for our community with an emphasis on sharing and celebrating. Here you’ll find information about our children’s program and learn how everyone in your family (even your pets!) can be involved in the centre. 


Kind Kids Program 2019

Children and their families are invited to join us for meditation, stories, yoga and creative experiences in a welcoming friendly environment.

Throughout 2019 we’ll be exploring:

Sunday  3rd February How we Think (Humility, Patience, Contentment, Delight)

Sunday 5th May How we Act (Kindness, Honesty, Generosity, Thoughtful Speech)

Sunday 4th August How we Relate to Others (Forgiveness, Respect, Gratitude, Loyalty)

Sunday 3rd November How we Find Meaning (Aspiration, Principles, Service, Courage)

This program is based on the 16 Guidelines for a Happy Life. It is suitable for all families who want to come together to enjoy these practical tools and fun experiences for creating more kindness and peace in the world.

This event is by donation. Donations to the Kind Kids program cover the cost of art materials and resources for the children.

9:00am – 10:00am This months program will take place in the Temple and its surrounds. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes you can create and have fun in.

The Lotus Project for Peace

Over four Fridays in February paper artist, Lek Hoffman will guide us to create a beautiful garden of paper lotuses.  These delicate flowers represent our hopes for the Tibetan people and the flourishing of Human Rights throughout our world.

Sunday March 10th

Our completed lotuses will be displayed as a beautiful carpet across our Prayer Wheel lawn on Sunday March 10. It will be a perfect place to gather for prayers and meditation amongst the birds, breeze, and the intentional energy that surrounds us here at Chenrezig. Tune in and send out your heart prayers, then join us for lunch at the Big Love Cafe!

Everyone is invited to participate in this special community project.

Join us any time between 10:30am and 12:00pm on March 10th on the Prayer Wheel Lawn, followed by Lunch at the Big Love Cafe.

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