wellbeingWelcome to our Wellbeing course schedule

These courses focus on cultivating physical, emotional and mental balance and wellbeing. They include authentic traditional and modern psychological approaches to health and lifestyle. They are suitable for everyone.  For more information about our Wellbeing Centre please click here

Bringing Back the Bush with Jono Bateman

 Friday 31 March

8.00 am – 12 pm.
FREE EVENTS Morning tea provided

 Work with  Jono for a hands-on morning in the bush learning about the plants and wildlife that make up Chenrezig Institute’s unique ecosystem. You’ll participate in bush regeneration to increase species diversity and thereby promote a healthy habitat.

This is part of an ongoing programme of bush regeneration across our property, sponsored in part by grants from the Sunshine Coast Council. Everyone is invited to be part of this initiative! Be sure to wear sturdy shoes, a hat and bring a water bottle. Join us for one or two days.

Jono Bateman is a natural area bush regenerator who has already worked extensively across Chenrezig Institute to help restore the natural bush and reconnect vital wildlife corridors.


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Or Saturdays join in our regular bush regeneration group to enjoy quiet time in the bush rebuilding it’s natural resilience.



Threatened Species Walk with Marc Russel

Not just a place for study and reflection, Chenrezig Institute is home to at least eight threatened species of plants. With a wingspan of up to 16cm, the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly (pictured) is one of many species of animals dependant on these plants and should benefit from our efforts to ‘Bring Back the Bush.’

Join us on April 1st for a ‘threatened species walk’ with Land For Wildlife officer Marc Russel. Learn about the different plants on our property, the animals that rely on them as well as uses by indigenous people and early settlers. This promises to be a fascinating morning in the outdoors and will give a first-hand look at our bush restoration efforts thus far.

Marc Russel is a Land For Wildlife Officer who oversees the bush restoration efforts on our property. He has been involved in rainforest seed collection and been part of the Conservation Partnership Office for many years.

Saturday April 1st  8 am to 12 am Facility Fee  $10 including  Morning Tea. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes, a hat and bring a water bottle and a towel if you’d like a shower before lunch. Meet in the Car park in front of Wellbeing Centre

Please book lunch through reception by 9.30am.

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How to be Happy:Sixteen Guidelines for Creating Contentment with Venerable Tsultrim

Weekend 1:  Saturday & Sunday April 8 & 9 
Weekend 2: Saturday & Sunday May 20 & 21

The 16 Guidelines are a set of practical and straightforward tools for developing happiness and meaning in everyday life.

Inspired by a seventh-century Tibetan text, the 16 Guidelines are being used by people worldwide to transform problems and create happiness and wellbeing.

Launched in 2006, they have been adopted and introduced in schools, colleges, hospices, drug rehab centres, prisons and workplaces across five continents. This programme is part of an initiative called Essential Education, which proposes that developing our natural capacity for compassion and wisdom is the key to making our lives happier and more peaceful – and to being able to make a positive contribution in the   world.

The 16 Guidelines are not a set of commandments or quick fixes. Instead, they offer an opportunity to explore your own life experiences. Divided into four themes and represented by a role model, you can use them to experiment with new ways of thinking, acting, relating to others and finding meaning in your life.


  • How we think – Everything we say and do arises from our thoughts
  • How we act – Every skilful action makes a better world
  • How we relate to others – Every time we cherish others we are cherishing ourselves
  • How we find meaning – If everything is changing, anything is possible

You don’t have to be Buddhist to come along; in fact, this is a course specially designed to convey the essences of Buddhist philosophy in everyday language for people from any or no spiritual tradition. The course is run as two separate workshops giving students time to reflect on their experiences, develop their understanding and try out the practical strategies between the two. Students who can only attend one of the two workshops scheduled will be supported with follow up opportunities to complete the course.

Venerable Tsultrim has been a student of Chenrezig Institute for over 20 years. She is a university-trained counsellor, with a Master of International Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution and has worked extensively in suicide prevention. She joyfully inspires students with her down to earth approach.book now




Return to Stillness: A Yin Yoga Retreat with Annie McGhee

Stillness of the mind can only come  through stillness of the body’

Yin yoga is a perfect counterbalance to our busy lives. It allows us to drop into ‘being ‘, rather than ‘doing’ by holding poses longer and passively. Yin practice is deeply nourishing and has a myriad of benefits, for both the body and the mind.


In these asanas (poses) we move beyond the yang of soft and elastic muscles into the Yin of connective tissues (ligaments and fascia). By keeping the muscles soft, we release deeper layers of connective tissue, increasing mobility in the body, especially in the joints and hips, which can help with our seated meditations.

On a subtler level, the Yin sequences improve the flow of prana (chi/life-force) through the energy channels (nadis/meridians) into the internal organs and tissues around the joints, where energy may have become stagnant.Through the practice of Yin yoga, we can successfully combine both asanas and meditation into a deeply transformative practice.  All equipment is provided, but please bring your own yoga mat.

Friday 21 April 6.30 pm– Saturday 22 April 4.30 pm, at  the Wellbeing Centre at Chenrezig Institute. 

Facility fee $75  10% discount for concession card holders

Annie McGhee (RYT500) is a registered yoga teacher 500 hours accreditation, enabling her to conduct yoga teacher training courses. She has been practicing yoga for more than 5 decades and teaching for over 36 years. She is experienced in numerous styles of yoga and has been a student of Tibetan Buddhism for 20 years.

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Transform Your Relationships with Robert Foster

Relationships bring us our greatest joys and our greatest challenges. So how can we find the deep sense of love and connection we are seeking?

Join us as we look at the skills and beliefs that will help us create exceptional relationships with the people we love. Discover how you can transform conflicts into opportunities to connect deeply. Find joy and peace with a new toolkit to help you navigate any situation with ease.

Sunday 23 April 9 am to 3:30 pm, at  the Wellbeing Centre at Chenrezig Institute.
Facility Fee $75   10% discount for concession card holders

Accommodation and meals available separately. Meals must be booked before 10 am on the day of the event. All bookings can be made on our website www.chenrezig.com.au or through reception.
Robert Foster teaches and coaches worldwide. He is a successful businessman, husband, father and friend to many. His intention is to remind all individuals every human is capable of living a life filled with love, wealth, happiness, peace, passion and purpose and that we are all most fulfilled when our essential purpose includes benefiting others.

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This Precious Life: Suicide Awareness and Prevention with Carla Pearse

Suicide is at record levels in Australia. It’s a statistic that is filled with tragedy. There are few that have not been touched by suicide in some way. And for those of us who are trying to support someone at risk of suicide it can be a heartbreaking challenge. This weekend at the Wellbeing Centre at Chenrezig Institute we will be looking at how to raise our awareness of this issue.

Day One: Suicide Awareness. Some of the topics day one of this weekend will explore include: myths and facts surrounding suicide; risk and protective factors; why values, beliefs and attitudes are so important; as is self reflection. We will also consider the person at risk’s perspective and what to do when we encounter someone thinking or talking about suicide.
Day Two: Suicide Prevention. Today will provide some insight through mindfulness techniques that will help us to support someone at risk of suicide in a better way. By understanding how our own mind works we can ensure that the support we offer is not judgemental, is motivated by kindness and compassion, is practical and can be used easily.

Considering most of us will at some time in our life have a friend, relative or work colleague who is thinking about suicide, this weekend will help to provide confidence, understanding and the courage to offer support in a way that is helpful and of benefit to both the person at risk and the support person.

Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 May  9 am to 4 pm, at  the Wellbeing Centre at Chenrezig Institute.
Facility Fee $75 for each day or $150 for the weekend. 
Accommodation and meals available separately.
Carla Pearse is a Buddhist nun from the Tibetan tradition who has worked with many hundreds of people at risk of suicide over the past 15 years. book now





Open Free and Release your Hips: A yoga Retreat with Annie McGhee

Discover why there may or may not be, tightness or limitations in your hips
with Annie McGhee

This workshop will focus on safely exploring different ways to open the hips whilst protecting the knees. Some of the poses will be more dynamic and active; some will be more passive, where we will use props to support and open the body from within.

Tight hips are a common condition, due to us spending prolonged periods of time sitting in chairs, which tightens our buttocks and hips and can lead to lower back pain.

But there are more subtle benefits in practicing hip-opening poses. We can often hold emotions, such as grief, sadness or anxiety, buried deep within our hip areas. By taking time to slowly, safely and sequentially release and open the hips, we can allow and observe these feelings bubble up to the surface and be present with whatever is happening for us in a non-judgmental way.

This workshop is suitable for all levels.

Friday 19 May 6.30 pm– Saturday 20 May 4.30 pm, at  the Wellbeing Centre at Chenrezig Institute. 

Facility fee $75 10% discount for concession card holders

Annie McGhee (RYT500) is a registered yoga teacher 500 hours accreditation, enabling her to conduct yoga teacher training courses. She has been practicing yoga for more than 5 decades and teaching for over 36 years. She is experienced in numerous styles of yoga and has been a student of Tibetan Buddhism for 20 years.

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Art Therapy for Wellbeing with Shanna McLeod  

Engage your creative processes by using art making as a tool for understanding yourself more deeply.

Through art rich learning participants will increase their self-awareness, clarify values and reconnect with themselves, others and the environment.We will also be exploring some soul nurturing subjects such as, Attitudes and beliefs around our own creativity, Perspectives, Moon cycles, Art as Intuition and the Somatic Qualities of art mediums.
All art materials are provided. Wear clothes you are happy to create in.
Sunday 21 May 9 am – 4:30 pm, at the Wellbeing Centre at Chenrezig Institute.

Facility fee $75.  10% discount for concession card holders.  All bookings can be made on our website  or through reception.

Shanna McLeod the proprietor of Splay art therapy is a qualified Transpersonal Arts Therapist, an associated member of (ACATA) Australian creative arts therapy association and (IEATA) International expressive arts therapy association. Sharna is a peer worker and mental health first aider. Shanna’s passion for Creative Arts Therapy has grown out of her own lived experience of mental health recovery using visual art as a method of inner exploration and self preservation. Her years of deeper learning have assisted her in developing a passion for psychosocial, wellbeing and develops regular programs to support a sense of altruism, interpersonal learning and growth within communities.

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Fill Your Own Cup: Emotional Freedom Technique with Lou Coles

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.” How’s your cup going? We all know that self-care is important but how can we achieve it?
The best kind of self-care is not prescriptive. It comes from learning how to listen to your body and your own intuition. Being able to act on that internal wisdom without the resistance, self-sabotage or guilt that often plagues people that are natural helpers and passionate crusaders. As Jack Kornfield says, “If your compassion does not include yourself it is incomplete.”

In this workshop we will release and let go of common patterns and beliefs that drive people to ‘care too much’, sometimes even to the detriment of their health, finances and relationships. You will learn how to use these tools in your own life to process difficult emotions and connect with (and follow) your own intuition.

Sunday 27th May  9am to 3:30 pm, at  the Wellbeing Centre at Chenrezig Institute.

Facility Fee $75 Accommodation and meals available separately.

Facilitated by experienced Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner, Lou Coles, in a supportive group environment you will release and let-go of thoughts, feelings and patterns that no longer serve you.

Lou is an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner who incorporates practical mindfulness practices into her group workshops and one-on-one sessions. EFT has been described as psychological acupressure and is often referred to as ‘tapping’. In its simple form, EFT can be learned and used as a self-help tool. Lou’s work is influenced by her background in science and nature combined with her life experience of having come through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with the support of meditation and yoga practice.


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Mindful Wellbeing: Training our mind for greater health and happiness with Lindel Greggery

Mindfulness is one of today’s biggest buzzwords, but what does it mean? And how could sitting still for as little as 10 minutes a day influence how we feel and behave for the other 23 hours and 50 minutes? Quite often it’s not the external events that cause the majority of our suffering,

it’s how we react to them. Constant rumination about the past or worrying about the future can blind us to the everyday moments of happiness that come from being fully connected to the “now”. The field of neuroscience has shown that mindfulness can not only help us to be more focussed and effective, it can also boost resilience and enhance positive states such as kindness, acceptance, equanimity and happiness.

During this experiential day we will be practising guided mediations, applied mindfulness techniques that can be used anywhere, anytime, and mental strategies to help you unhook from unhelpful thoughts and feelings and

develop greater freedom of mind and genuine wellbeing.

You will learn:

  • The science behind mindfulness
  • Formal mindfulness practices, taught in a secular way
  • Applied Mindfulness techniques to stay focussed and calm throughout the day
  • Mental strategies for finding peace, joy and acceptance, wherever you are.

This workshop will appeal to new meditators and to those looking to broaden

their mindfulness toolkit.

Sunday, May 28 9 am – 3.30pm  at The Wellbeing Centre at Chenrezig Institute
Facility Fee: $95 
 10% discount for concession card holders.
Accommodation and meals available separately. Meals must be booked before 10 am on the day of the event.

 Lindel Greggery is the principal of Noticing the Now and loves teaching mindfulness to individuals, work teams and organisations to help enhance wellbeing, effectiveness and genuine happiness. Lindel is qualified in Corporate Based Mindfulness Training (CBMT), the mindfulness-based therapy ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), and has been practising mindfulness daily for more than a decade. She has been blessed to attend retreats with leading teachers including Alan Wallace and Mattieu Ricard, and studied ACT with Dr Russ Harris, author of The Happiness Trap.

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Cultivating Emotional Balance with Corey Jackson

A happy and rewarding life is within our grasp and achieving it is a skill we can learn. Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) is an evidence-based training that blends ancient techniques for developing mindfulness, empathy and compassion with ground breaking scientific understanding of emotions.


The course has been shown to reduce people’s destructive emotional episodes, improve professional and personal relationships and develop resilience in the face of adversity. Focusing on both theory and practice, CEB aims to give a genuine experience of ancient techniques made relevant to a modern lifestyle and world view.

This unique program is the brainchild of Dr. Paul Ekman, a world renowned psychologist within the field of emotions and Dr Alan Wallace, a highly respected meditation teacher and scholar of contemplative traditions. It was developed in response to the year 2000 Mind and Life conference that became the subject of Daniel Goleman’s best-selling book, Destructive Emotions.

Introductory weekend: Saturday 3 June 9.00 am – Sunday 4 June 3.30 pm, at the Wellbeing Centre at Chenrezig Institute.

The course continues June 24-25 and July 15-16 for those who have attended the introductory weekend (making a total of six sessions to complete the training).

Facility fee $150 for the introductory weekend, $420 for the whole course.

10% discount for concession card holders. Accommodation and meals available separately. Meals must be booked before 10 am on the day of the event. All bookings can be made on our website www.chenrezig.com.au..

Corey Jackson left his career as a jazz pianist in Toronto to study Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan language in India. He holds a degree in Psychology and Sanskrit from the University of Sydney, where he was awarded the Khyentse Foundation award for excellence in Buddhist Studies. The Cultivating Emotional Balance project perfectly facilitates his passion for using ancient wisdom in a thoroughly modern context.

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