Book your accommodation

We would love for you to come and stay with us at Chenrezig Institute.

You do not need to be a buddhist to enjoy our peaceful accommodation however we humbly ask that you make a commitment to live by the five lay precepts while you are here.

We have a range of accommodation options, all are comfortable and basic with options for private or shared rooms and bathrooms.

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What to bring for your stay:

  • Torch – most important for night time here!
  • Hat and sunscreen during our warmer months
  • An extra blanket if you feel the cold during the winter months
  • Towel
  • Thongs for the shower
  • Closed in footwear with good grip for walking (the centre is located on a steep hill)
  • Appropriate clothing (we are a monastic community, so think a little modest)
  • Warm clothing in winter

Note: Bedding is provided to all guests.


Chenrezig Institute is a monastic community in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and we require all guests to agree to a Code of Conduct.

Whilst you’re on the property you are expected to follow the lay Buddhist precepts:

  1. To not intentionally kill any living being (includes mosquitoes)
  2. To not steal or take that which is not freely given
  3. To not lie
  4. To not engage in sexual misconduct
  5. To abstain from intoxicants (including alcohol, marijuana)

Please indicate you have read and will follow the Code of Conduct by checking the appropriate box in the accommodation booking form. You can be asked to leave the property immediately if you breach the Code of Conduct. Cigarette smoking is permitted in a designated smoking area below the car park only.


If you have booked but will not be able to make it, please cancel your booking. This allows us to offer the space to others who would like to visit the centre.

Please note: No refunds for accommodation will be given after check in. If you check in and wish to leave early, reception can only refund the costs of meals not taken (provided 24 hours notice), but we are unable to process refunds for accommodation bookings.

Thank you!