Program Team Assistant

Let’s keep the show on the road! We are looking for a Dharma student who is passionate about sharing the Dharma, supporting retreats and helping deliver our busy teaching schedule. This position offers an amazing opportunity for the right person to assist with delivering both the Spiritual and Wellbeing program streams across our program. You’ll be working closely with the Program Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator to support our sangha and teachers to offer teachings, retreats, workshops, courses and social events.

This role is 30 hours a week  with meals, onsite accommodation and access to teachings included.

What to Expect

There are a variety of administration tasks connected to scheduling, preparing materials, online marketing as well as practical hands on tasks such as setting up teaching spaces, meeting with teachers and students. In this role you’ll also have some unique experiences with meeting visiting teachers and getting to partake in our extensive program.

Usually you’ll work five shifts per week, Wednesday to Sunday with each shift being approximately six hours, however as this role needs to meet the needs of the programs it requires a flexible attitude and approach. If you like learning new tasks and finding creative solutions you’ll enjoy this role.  You’ll need to be fit and healthy enough to set up equipment and displays and ready to step into a variety of challenges. If your looking for variety and enjoy delivering events this job could be right for you.

Chenrezig Institute offers a unique opportunity to live in a Dharma setting. In return for your work in this role you will be provided with peaceful rain forest accommodation and healthy vegetarian meals. You will also be able to attend teachings, meditation and yoga sessions where these fit around your work commitments. This role would suit volunteers who are looking to work in a Buddhist environment and explore how offering service to others is a way of expanding our hearts and minds.

What are the Benefits?

Chenrezig Institute depends on committed and enthusiastic volunteers to achieve its mission.

  • Being a Live In Volunteer at Chenrezig Institute gives you the opportunity to further your own practice through serving others, meditation, attending teachings and living within a practicing and supportive community.
  • You’ll meet lots of new people committed to discovering and exploring Buddhism
  • You’ll have the chance to attend teachings, ask questions and put it all into practice
  • You’ll have the opportunity to gain new skills
  • You’ll form supportive connections with our resident Sangha and teaching team and have rare opportunities to meet with  visiting teachers
  • You’ll expand your knowledge of the Dharma as you research teachings and practices for our program

What are the Tasks?

  • Data entry into our booking system, google calendar and website
  • Create weekly online communications
  • Create posters and manage noticeboards
  • Communicate with teachers about scheduling and arrangements
  • Design of teaching handouts
  • Setting up spaces for teaching and events
  • Lasing with the volunteer coordinator about staffing needs
  • Contributing to building our program.

What skills and characteristics do I need?

  • Computer literate across windows office packages
  • Organised and task focused
  • Be able to work independently
  • Be physically fit (able to lift 10 kg) able to move around a site with lots of stairs and able to stand for long periods
  • Be able to follow directions from your team leader
  • Enjoy living and working in a team environment
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Hard working and committed to Chenrezig Institute.

When can I volunteer?

Generally we would like you to commit to at least two months. We encourage you to consider this time frame as most of our volunteers find that this gives you time to settle into your new lifestyle, build a relationship with the community and really develop your own practice.

What is the Accommodation like? What should I bring with me?

You’ll be accommodated in single hut with shared bathroom facilities next to other workers and

s is very limited. If you participate in this program it is best to come with minimal attachments …. clothes, covered in shoes, towels, toiletries, torch and some personal items are really all you need to bring. Chenrezig Institute will provide you with a uniform, furnished accommodation, linen, meals and more.

What about meals?

Meals are provided to you as part of your live in experience. All  meals are lovingly prepared in the Lama Yeshe Big Love Café.

All meals are vegetarian and tasty, designed to fill you up and keep you healthy and happy. Meals are made from fresh local produce and organic produce is used as much as possible. Lunch is the main meal for the community and is served from 12noon to 1pm with a light supper, generally soup, provided from 5:30pm.

What is life like in a Buddhist Community?

Chenrezig Community is made up of ordained monks and nuns as well as lay people who come from a variety of experiences and cultures. What unites us is our commitment to Buddhist teachings and lifestyle. We ask that, while you are here, you too will make that commitment.

To be sure you understand exactly what this means, we include our Code of Conduct as below; complying with this code demonstrates your respect for the community.

While on the Chenrezig Institute property it is expected that all volunteers, workers, students and sangha will endeavor to maintain the following standards of behaviour:

To dress modestly at all times  and to abstain from:

  1. Protect living beings (Do not kill – even tiny insects)
  2. Respect others belongings (Do not steal)
  3. Speak truthfully (Do not lie)
  4. Respect Chenrezig Institute as a place for spiritual reflection and personal development (refrain from sexual misconduct)
  5. Cultivate clarity of mind and body (refrain from using drugs and alcohol)

You can apply for our volunteer program by emailing or completing this form

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application