Prayer Requests

The nuns, monks and students of Chenrezig Institute perform regular prayers and practices for the benefit of all beings. All prayers are carried out by members of the monastic and lay communities in careful accordance with tradition.slider_test1

Adding a Name to our Dedication List

You can request prayers are dedicated for yourself, your friends or relatives who may be ill, or who have died, who need help to you overcome difficulties or obstacles or to create auspicious circumstances. By making an offering, a tangible connection is established between the person who is in need of prayers and those who are reciting the prayers on their behalf.

The suggested offering to request prayers for someone with illness or difficulties is $20. This contributes to the cost of the offerings made (flowers, lights, incense). When someone passes away, we say prayers for 49 days following the death and make tsog (feast) offerings on their behalf. We suggest sponsorship of at least $50 for someone who has died. This contributes to the cost of the tsog offering. Of course, you may choose to offer as much as you are inspired, motivated and able to do so.

Sponsoring a Puja

You can also sponsor all or part of puja for yourself or a loved one. Most pujas are done on specific days in the Tibetan lunar calendar, so if you chose to sponsor a puja, it will be carried out on the next scheduled day. You may also like to send us a picture of your friend or relative, together with the reason why practices are being requested, so that they are read out during the practice.To sponsor a puja, it is necessary to cover the cost of all the offerings made on your behalf. In general, these are:

Medicine Buddha Puja – $50 (offerings for one puja)
Medicine Buddha Pujas – $500 (seven sets of offerings for seven weeks, made to see beings to their next rebirth)
Tara Puja – $40 (offerings of cake, chai and flowers)
Guru Puja – $200 (offerings of tsog and flowers)
Protector Practices – $50 (offerings to Sangha)

Prayer Request

Prayer Request


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