Heal the Heart and Mind: Medicine Buddha Retreat With Ven Tony Beaumont

Friday 23 September 6.30 pm to Sunday 25 September 3.30 pm

At times we are all faced with the inevitable reality of pain or illness in our loved ones or in ourselves. How can we meet these changes with gentleness, patience and skill? One approach is the beautiful practice of the Medicine Buddha, which is used in healing illness, creating health and harmony and helping those who have died.

The Medicine Buddha embodies the healing aspect the mind. Through the practice of meditation on the Medicine Buddha, one can generate enormous power to heal oneself and others. It is particularly powerful during difficult times – especially in healing the heart and mind to overcome negative patterns of thinking, and developing qualities of compassion and kindness.

‘When we recite the Medicine Buddhas’ names and mantras, we receive the results of the prayers they made in the past…doing the Medicine Buddha practice is very powerful for success. People think Medicine Buddha is only for healing. It’s not only for healing but for everything.’ Lama Zopa Rinpoche

This retreat will focus primarily on the practice of Medicine Buddha and includes meditation, visualisation, and mantra recitation. There will also be time for quiet personal reflection, questions and discussion. It is an excellent opportunity to cultivate a strong conviction and reliance on our own wisdom and potential for healing. The retreat is suitable for anyone. All welcome!

Friday 23 September 6.30 pm to Sunday 25 September 3.30 pm

Chenrezig Institute 33 Johnson’s Rd Eudlo.

We want to share Venerable Tony’s vast experience with as many people as possible so this retreat is offered at the special reduced Facility Fee $50 per person.

Accommodation and meals available separately.

Retreat Leader Venerable Tony Beaumont
Australian-born Tony Beaumont, trained and worked as a psychiatric nurse before he was ordained in 1991. Since then he has taught at FPMT centres around the world sharing his understanding with compassion and warmth.

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