Gompa and Nun’s Community WiFi

We¬†are currently raising funds to provide WiFi connection to our Gompa and Nun’s Community.

In a place where we emphasize mediation and tradition you might wonder why we want to pursue a wifi connection?

The answer quite simply is connection. WiFi in the gompa allows our teachers to use the most up to date teaching methodologies and the vast array of resources put together for us by the FPMT Education department. It allows us to connect with other teachers, translators and students in the FPMT network and Monasteries and perhaps most importantly, it allows us to connect students with Lama Zopa Rinpoche and His Holiness the Dalai Lama particularly during live streaming events.

WiFi in the nuns community allows nuns to have contact with their teachers and ordination masters, who might not be here in Australia. It allows them access to practice materials and teachings from FPMT and beyond. It also supports them to connect with students and members of the community that they might be working with to provide counseling, spiritual advice, education and interfaith partnerships. It aids communication around our educational and retreat programs and allows them to maintain contact with their families.

We’d be be grateful for any support you can give us to implement this project. Thank you.