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How do I know the availability of accommodation?

Our new booking system is an interactive platform with instant updates. Once a room is booked and paid, the room is removed from availability. Should you click on a date to check availability, these are the available rooms for the date requested.

We do not have a waiting list for accommodation.

What types of accommodation are available?

We have the following types of accommodation available for guests:
Retreat hut with self contained kitchen and bathroom – $80 per night per person / $120 per couple

  • Retreat hut with self contained kitchen and shared bathroom – $70 per night per person
  • Sangha House shared bathroom and kitchen – $60 per night per person single room / $50 per night per person twin room
  • Single motel room shared bathroom – $52 per night
  • Twin share motel room shared bathroom – $40 per night per person
  • Shared dormitory shared bathroom – $27 per night

In order to make your booking, please go to our booking system. Click the date of your intended stay, check the availability of your preferred accommodation type and book and pay in order to secure your booking.

How do I know if my accommodation is confirmed?

Once you have booked and paid for your accommodation online, you will have email notifications which indicate the confirmation of your booking. You will receive an email immediately following the payment of your booking which will include the welcome pack, code of conduct and arrival instructions.

Unfortunately our new booking system does not allow us to hold accommodation and courses without payment in full.

I have made a booking for a course and accommodation. What do I need to bring?

Please bring a towel and torch with you and insect repellent if you use it.  If you are interested in using the internet during your stay, please bring your own wireless internet connection because there is no service for guests at this time.

What times are ‘Check In’ and ‘Check out’?

Check In: 1.30 pm
Check out: 10.30 am

Do I settle my account on arrival?

We no longer process the settlement of accounts in reception for bookings received after 1 November 2015. Please confirm and finalise your booking with the use of our electronic booking system on our website prior to arrival.

We have a computer terminal in our Gift Shop for guests to process requests online. Please note that no booking can be secured and held without full payment.

Do you have EFTPOS and how do I pay for any additional items during my stay?

Cash and EFTPOS payment options available in Reception for gift purchases. Big Love Cafe only has cash payment option. There are no ATM facilities at the Centre. The nearest ATM facility is approximately 15 minute drive away from Eudlo.

What are Reception Hours?

Monday & Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday to Friday
10 am to 2 pm
8.30 am to 4 pm
10 am to 4 pm

I am wanting to secure a twin room and I don’t want to share the accommodation?

In this situation it will be necessary for your to order two beds (same type) in order to remove the availability from the bed you do not wish to be filled.

Simply click the description and click the quantity of two (2) and this will secure the twin room.

For couples, it will be necessary for your click the quantity of two (2) to secure the room together.

Is it possible for me to camp within the grounds of Chenrezig Institute?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer stays in campers/vans as we are not a registered camp ground. We do however have range of accommodation options which are listed above in our frequently asked questions.

Can I make a booking for a course or accommodation over the phone or by email?

Unfortunately we no longer process any course or accommodation request by email, phone or the old course booking system.

Our new interactive booking system with payments is only method of booking where our guests can choose dates, courses, available accommodation with photos and meals. Should an item not be available, this means it is not able to be booked on the date which has been clicked.

What if I am arriving outside of reception hours?

We will have your name on our reception door and a map is available nearby, please take your accommodation tag with you and leave in the room for housekeeping to collect. There are no keys for your room.

What is the important Information to note during my stay?

Chenrezig Institute is a community made up on nuns, monks and lay practitioners who live in accordance with the five lay Buddhist precepts.
We respectfully ask that all guests and visitors also observe these precepts when on the property:
5 Lay Precepts
1. no killing – any living beings (including insects)
2. no stealing – taking what has not been freely given
3. no lying
4. no sexual misconduct (and no sexual contact on the “Hill” area)
5. no intoxicants – including alcohol and marijuana
There are additional precepts to be observed on the “Hill” area but these can be explained to you when you check in at Reception.
There is a designated smoking area near the car park area and we respectfully ask that this be the only area you smoke in.
Guests and visitors may be asked to leave the property if the Code of Conduct is breached.
Dress Code
Because there are monks and nuns on the property, we respectfully ask you to dress modestly.

Please also wear sturdy shoes at Chenrezig Institute as we are on a steep bush property.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

If you have booked but will not be able to make it, please cancel your booking. This allows us to offer the space to others who would like to visit the centre.
Please note: No refunds for accommodation or courses will be given after 48 hours prior to scheduled start or arrival.
If you check in and wish to leave early, reception can only refund the costs of meals not taken (provided 24 hours notice), but we are unable to process refunds for accommodation bookings.

In order to request a cancellation booking, please go to our website – ‘Visiting and Booking’ and go to ‘Cancellations’ and submit the form to our management team. There will be a cancellation fee of $1 for our booking system.

I would like to make a Donation to Chenrezig Institute. How do I do this?

We are always appreciative of any donations received for Chenrezig Institute.  Your donation is precious to us. We are doing our very best to use money in an efficient and productive way so that many, many more beings can come to Chenrezig Institute and receive the great benefits that we are all working so hard to produce.

Through the merits of your offering, may you be able to make good use of this precious life by cultivating your own meditative practice and developing realizations on the path to Enlightenment.

May you enjoy favourable conditions and may generosity be a source of much peace and happiness for all sentient beings.

In order to donate funds, please go to our page Helping – Donate and follow the prompts, paying online.

I am interested in placing a lunch booking. What do I need to know about lunch bookings?

Please ensure that all electronic orders for lunch are ordered before 10am on the day of the booking. Only paid bookings with names attached to the order will be supplied to the kitchen.

After placing your order online, your name will be added to the list. Please also keep a copy of your receipt.  Lunch is served from 12 – 1 pm.

If you need to cancel lunch, this must be processed prior to 10am on the date ordered. Should a cancellation be requested after 10am, unfortunately there will be no refund.

What are Big Love Cafe meal prices?

Breakfast – $8.00  Served from 7 am to 8 am
Lunch – $12.50  Served from 12 pm to 1 pm
Supper $6.50 Served from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm

What are the Weekly Classes at Chenrezig Institute and do I need to book?

There is No need to book for our weekly classes. Entry is by donation.

Our Weekly General Programme includes:
10.30am – 12:00pm  Public Teaching with Geshe Tsultrim
6.30pm – 7:30pm     Buddhist Essentials: ‘Nature of Mind’ with Ven. Tsondru

In Maroochydore (Millwell Road Community Centre):
6.00pm – 7.00pm    Meditation with Lindsay Pratt

1.15am – 1.45pm      Guided Meditation with CI Sangha
6.30pm – 8.00pm      Public Teaching with Geshe Phuntsok Tsultrim

1.15pm – 2.30pm      Taste of Tibetan Buddhism with CI Sangha

In Caloundra (124 Bulcock St.):
6.00pm – 7.00pm      Meditation with Peter Shepherd
Entry to the general programme is by donation, no booking required.

I have a Yoga Group and I am interested in the Facility Hire? What do I need to consider before I apply to the Centre Services Manager?

As the Retreat Facilitator you are responsible for paying for all rooms, meals and venue hire as soon as you would like to make the booking, in order to secure and hold the facilities. Without the payment in full, the facilities will remain online and can be secured by another user and may affect your group’s ability to stay with the number of people you are looking to bring.  In order to secure the venue hire of the Community Centre, a minimum of 15 guests must be accommodated for the duration of the retreat.

48 hours prior to the retreat commencing the booking no longer has the ability to:

*make changes to accommodation and catering numbers
*to cancel the booking with a refund being payable.


Because your group will exceed 15 accommodated guests, the Centre Services Manager will issue your group a coupon code for 10% discount for the accommodation total to apply to your order.


Breakfast (Continental style) $8.00. Served 7 am – 8 am
Lunch (Vegetarian meal of the day) $12.50 Served 12 noon – 1 pm
Supper (Vegetarian soup of the day) $6.50 Served 5.30 pm – 6.30 pm

For groups arriving Friday evening and departing Sunday after lunch we offer a standard meal package consisting of: Supper on Friday evening; Breakfast, lunch and supper on Saturday; Breakfast and lunch on Sunday.  Price: $54 per person

Venue Hire:  Currently the venue hire for the Community Room is $110 per day to approved clients.

If a full cancellation occurs within 2 weeks of the event commencing 50% of the total cost of accommodation and venue hire will be payable to Chenrezig Institute. No refund is available for cancellations occurring within 48 hours before the event.

Please be aware that the availability of facility hire and accommodation is dependent upon the date of your proposed visit.  It is imperative to go to our booking system and check availability to ensure that you are happy that we do have vacancy and you are happy with the cost prior to contacting us.

Once you have considered these points and you are happy to proceed, please go to ‘Visiting and Booking’, followed by ‘Venue Hire’ and complete the form. Once this form has been received our Centre Services Manager will be in contact.

In order to secure the booking it will be necessary for all accommodation to be ordered by you as the retreat facilitator online. As you place the order for the rooms, you will see what beds are available and you will be limited to what has not been secured by other guests.

The organisation of your retreatants in allocated rooms is for you as the retreat coordinator and is not a responsibility for our reception team.

Can I make a request to add my prayer to the Chenrezig Institute prayer lists?

We are always happy to include prayer requests and dedications in our pujas.

This dedication list is read at each puja completed at Chenrezig Institute. Our monks, nuns and lay practitioners will then hold these people in their minds, dedicating their practice and prayers to them.

If you are interested in placing a prayer request, please go to our Contact Page and ‘Prayer Request‘ and complete the form. This form will be forwarded to our sangha community.

Does Chenrezig Insitute assist with School assignments?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer student support for school assignments as we have limited resources and staff to be able to assist with many assignment questions and interviews.

We do have an extensive range of courses, meditations and discussion sessions daily and every weekend we host a course relevant to Buddhism.

There is a considerable amount of information available at the Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive ( and Buddhanet (

You are welcome to attend any of the general programs at Chenrezig Institute. The program is available here:  (/).