Green-Double-Vajra_75Welcome to our Beginning Buddhism course schedule

If you would like to know a little about Buddhism and how it relates to our daily lives, these courses offer a gentle introduction. They include workshops on meditation, dealing with disturbing emotions, and courses on basic Buddhist ideas. They are suitable for everyone.

Buddhism in a Nutshell with Ven. Damcho

Saturday Nov 5 9.00am – 4.30pm, held in the Gompa at Chenrezig Institute. Facility fee $75

129908589_d51ae013a2_zDamchoThis course presents an introduction to the core principles and philosophy of Buddhism from the Tibetan Buddhist perspective.
In one day you will be introduced to the Buddha’s life and teachings, a brief history of Buddhism and a discussion of the various types of Buddhism practiced today. The course will explore what it means to be a Buddhist and how the philosophy can help you lead a happier, more peaceful life.

There will also be an opportunity to learn and practice some basic meditation techniques. If you want a gentle introduction to Buddhist philosophy, or have wondered about Buddhist beliefs and how Buddhism applies to everyday life, this course is a great start!
Saturday 5 November 9.00 am – 4.30 pm, held in the Gompa at Chenrezig Institute.

Facility fee $75

10% discount for members and concession card holders. Accommodation and meals available separately. Meals must be booked before 9.30 am on the day of the event. All bookings can be made on our website

Ven. Thubten Damchoe is a Buddhist nun and a student of Chenrezig Institute’s  Buddhist Studies Program.

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